Participant Library

Transparency through education and communication

Key Point Briefs

Pertinent plan and SEC based investment points are refined into plain language.

Fact and FAQ Sheets

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels are provided to promote continual learning.


Explains various financial accounts and 401(k) fundamentals


Covers traditional investments and investing concepts


Topics illustrate allocation models

Guidance Materials

These explain plan document, investment disclosure, and profile information.

How to Read Plan Administration & Individual Fee and Expense Information guidance materials, are tailored to explain your plan document terms and concepts.

An Introduction to Mutual Fund Disclosures: the Statutory Prospectus, prompts participants to seek out additional information before purchasing.

An Introduction to Annual and Semiannual Mutual Fund Shareholder Reports, encourages participants to monitor their investments on a regular basis.

An Introduction to Investment Profiles explains the Fi360 Fiduciary Score® and encourages participants to compare and contrast their investment choices.

Investment Resources

Plan specific materials and links are provided for participant reference.

Investment Profiles

Investment profiles provide participants a high level of investment knowledge in a simple format.

Annual Reports

Links direct participants to the pertinent information contained in the annual reports.

Links to EDGAR

Links to EDGAR provide participants access to all public investment information.